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Diagnostic procedures

Children are not just small adults. Children need to be treated as such. Their energy channels still need to mature completely. In order to establish a Chinese diagnosis, detailed observation is advised rather than pulse and tongue examination alone. The facial tone, behaviour and voice, amongst others, reveal the current energetic state of a child. In addition, the parents are interviewed. I'm also interested in how you fared as a mother or father during the pregnancy and how your child has started into life. Declarations about alimentation from infant until the current age of your child can help to shed light on the cause of his or her disorder and treat the symptoms together with their cause.


First aid for children
On Saturday, 15 June 2024, the practice TCM Frau und Kind once again offers a course on first aid for children. The course will be conducted by a professional from the Kinderspital Zurich. In a small group you will get to know the principal steps of first aid for children and will have the opportunity to practice your knowledge with exercises. see flyer


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