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A network of fine channels (Meridians) is supplying our body with Qi (life energy). Ideally, Qi can flow freely and harmoniously through the Meridians and we feel healthy and well-balanced. In the daily routine, however, we are constantly challenged and confronted with certain situations, which result in an obstruction of our harmonious Qi flow.

With the practice of acupuncture we are capable of influencing the flow of the Qi at specific points in our body, the so-called acupuncture points. Among different methods, the acupuncture points can be stimulated using needles, warmed by means of moxibustion or treated with electro-acupuncture. The overall aim is always the restoration of the harmonious Qi flow.


On 12 July 2022 there will be Yinside at Coucon again!
Input with Natalie Zimmermann: "What exactly is Qi?"
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