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Birth preparation

The birth of a child is a very special and powerful experience and a big miracle. Birth is the beginning of the life of your child on this planet and creates significant changes. For you as the mother as well as for you as a couple a "new" and exciting life begins.

During the last weeks prior to birth your body will begin to prepare itself for this event. For giving birth you will need a lot of strength, inner calm as well as a physical readiness and, not least, confidence. You will need a confidence in yourself, your body, a trust in your child, in your partner, your midwife and gynaecologist. This energy will gradually gather in your pelvis. Ligaments and tendons will relax and your muscles will be supplied with blood. At birth your entire body will focus on the start of your child into life as an independent human being.

Acupuncture can support you and your body for these preparations in an optimal way.

Ideally, support with acupuncture should begin in the 36th week of pregnancy. The acupuncture sessions are performed once per week. The aim of acupuncture for birth preparation is to control and adjust the Qi life energy and the blood. The flow of energy will thus be harmonised and directed towards the pelvis from the 38th week of pregnancy. Moreover, acupuncture will help to relax und prepare emotionally for giving birth. In Traditional Chinese Medicine birth preparation serves to support your body. Studies have shown that the process of giving birth can be temporally shortened and the need for medical interventions during or after birth can be reduced. I am convinced that it is impossible to provoke birth by using acupuncture. It is your child who decides when it is ready to come into this world.

Breech presentation

If your child has not turned into the proper position until the 33rd week of pregnancy on his/her own, we have different options of helping. Moxibustion is the Traditional Chinese Medicine method of warming specific acupuncture points or physical regions in order to let your energy flow. By stimulating an acupuncture point on your pinky toe twice a day from the 33rd week of pregnancy, chances are high that your child can still turn into the right position on his/her own. In my practice, I will happily provide you with precise information about this method.


First aid for children
On Saturday, 15 June 2024, the practice TCM Frau und Kind once again offers a course on first aid for children. The course will be conducted by a professional from the Kinderspital Zurich. In a small group you will get to know the principal steps of first aid for children and will have the opportunity to practice your knowledge with exercises. see flyer


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