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Dosage form


Usually, TCM-mixtures are produced by decoction. The drugs are boiled in a specific fashion and taken daily. The decoction is the purest dosage form of Chinese drugs. I mostly recommend this dosage form for nursed babies and persons suffering from an allergy. The preparation of a decoction is time-consuming an, therefore, not always suitable for daily life.


The granulate is an alternative to the elaborate decoction. The drugs are processed to a granulate. This can simply be dissolved in warm water and drunk. Granulate is very practical and according to experience closest to decoction in terms of their efficacy. Granulate can also be formed to pills for easier intake.

Hydrophile concentrates

These substances are extracted and made durable by addition of glycerine. The slightly sweet concentrates can be taken directly with a spoon. This dosage form is very suitable for children or persons, who are often on the go.


First aid for children
On Saturday, 15 June 2024, the practice TCM Frau und Kind once again offers a course on first aid for children. The course will be conducted by a professional from the Kinderspital Zurich. In a small group you will get to know the principal steps of first aid for children and will have the opportunity to practice your knowledge with exercises. see flyer


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