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Opening group practice:

Since 1.3.2021: We are glad to announce the expansion of the practice and opening of a group practice. The practice TCM Frau und Kind will be part of Coucon, the Alternative medicine center for women and children in Erlenbach.


19.2.2021: With respect to the measures of hygiene ordered and a protection concept, the practice is open since 27 April 2020. On account of the current number of new cases, consultations for herbal treatments are again possible via video conference. For questions and appointments please contact me via e-mail or phone.

    Protect yourself and take responsibility. For the latest news go to:



The Chinese herbalistic is, same as acupuncture, an ancient method of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Individual herbs are chosen carefully and combined to a harmonic drug formula, adapted specifically for the patient. These mixtures are based on classic formulas that are documented in writing since 2000 years and are being continuously improved. Chinese herbalistic can often support the recovery process substantially.

In Switzerland, approximately 400 drugs are currently available in specialised pharmacies. 90 % of these are plant-based, complemented with minerals and very little animal-based substances. All herbal drugs used in Switzerland are registered at Swissmedic and are subject to strict quality control.

Each drug is classified according to different criteria, such as taste, thermal character and effect. Hence, there are, for example, drugs that treat heat, eliminate moisture or induce blood movement. Most herbal drugs have several ranges of effects simultaneously and can be combined accordingly. The classification helps the therapist to keep an overview of drugs and to adjust them in line with their TCM-diagnosis. The herbal mixtures are then ordered by your therapist from a TCM-pharmacy. These specialised pharmacies manufacture the formula and send them to a pharmacy in your area. Once the drug is ready for pickup, you will be informed via text or e-mail.

If alternative medicine is covered by your health insurance plan, the cost of herbalistic treatment is covered partly or completely. Please clarify your coverage of alternative mdeicine prior to treatment.

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