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Opening group practice:

Since 1.3.2021: We are glad to announce the expansion of the practice and opening of a group practice. The practice TCM Frau und Kind will be part of Coucon, the Alternative medicine center for women and children in Erlenbach.


19.2.2021: With respect to the measures of hygiene ordered and a protection concept, the practice is open since 27 April 2020. On account of the current number of new cases, consultations for herbal treatments are again possible via video conference. For questions and appointments please contact me via e-mail or phone.

    Protect yourself and take responsibility. For the latest news go to:


Pregnancy assistance

A pregnancy is a woman's miraculous achievement and demands a substantial amount of strength. The development of a new life requires sufficient Yin, such as substance, essence, blood and peaceful harmony. For the upgrowth and prosperity, on the other hand, a sufficient amount of Yang and physical energy Qi is needed. From the Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view the qualitiy and quantity of blood and Qi is changing naturally during the pregnancy. Many women register these changes in their body very early. Long before a pregnancy test can confirm the pregnancy.

A pregnancy companionship should reasonably begin during the first days after the fertilization of the egg cell. The ovule migrates to the womb, where it eventually nests. From now on, the mother's body provides Yang, Qi, Yin and blood to the life growing inside of it. This could cause a deficiency in the mother's body, especially, if she has suffered from a deficiency before the pregnancy already. Based on the health condition at an early stage of the pregnancy it can be determined, which physical changes will entail more difficulties than others during the following months, and what treatment is advised. With the means of Traditional Chinese Medicine the body can be supported and the future mother accompanied on her journey.

During the first weeks of pregnancy weekly or bi-weekly acupuncture sessions are advised in order to stabilize the pregnancy. Later, the treatment frequency can be reduced to once a month. Birth preparation begins in the 33rd week. The fetus should have turned into the right position on its own and gradually lower into the lesser pelvis. It is worth increasing the treatment frequency to once a week for the last steps towards birth. Read more about this in the section "birth preparation"

In the case of one of the following conditions you should consider an acupuncture therapy:

  • Bleeding, risk of miscarriage

  • Maternity sickness

  • Exhaustion

  • Heartburn

  • Constipation

  • Haemorrhoids

  • Cystitis, bladder infection

  • Back pain

  • Symphysis pubis pain

  • Oedema, water accumulation

  • Breech presentation

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