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Menstrual cycle

In order that the individual phases within the monthly cycle can proceed undisturbedly and that the menstrual bleeding occurs in a "normal" range, a harmonious interaction of Yin and Yang in the female body is essential. Therefore, it is important to observe the entire physical condition of a woman in the case of menstrual disorder or disturbance of the menstrual cycle. The Chinese Medicine has engaged very early and intensively with cyclic changes of Yin and Yang in the female body and offers helpful aid for every cyclic phase.

In many peoples women use the power of their menstruation in rituals for strengthening their intuition, get in trance, converse with ancestors and live their very own strength. In the "modern" western civilsation many women perceive their menstruation as something inconvenient and restrictive. A substantial number of women even suffer from their menstruation. Since the menstrual bleeding only lasts for a few days, however, most women accept this ailment. Slight pain prior to or during the menstrual bleeding is often considered normal. Yet menstrual pain does not only indicate a disturbance of the menstruation - days with bleeding only represent a part of the ups and downs of the female cylce. Pain often clearly indicates a disturbance of the harmony in the entire body. In order to classify this disturbance correctly it is important to observe the menstrual cycle energetically and to understand how Yin and Yang change, alternate and are mutually dependent during that time.

The following discrimination of the cyclic phases only differs slightly from the common medical discrimination. It is mentioned in the book "Der Weg der Kaiserin" (The path of the empress) by Christine Li and Ulja Krautwald, which I can cordially recommend to every woman.


First cycle phase (from the end of the menstruation to ovulation) - The Accumulation: growing Yin 

During this phase the strength of the Yin is generated and the woman is stably rests in herself. The mucous tissue of the uterus is growing. Yin is directed towards the interior. In the case of disturbance a quiet, dull sadness arises on the emotional level and signs of excessive moisture, such as vaginal discharge, thick thighs, heaviness can show up on the physical level. In addition, the growth of mucous tissue of the uterus is essential for a succesful nesting of a fertilized egg cell at the beginning of a pregnancy. Disturbances during this phase of the cycle are common. Since they proceed qietly, however, they often remain undetected.


Second cycle phase (ovulation and possible fertilization) - The Hot Vapours: young Yin is developing 

This is a mysterious phase, in which the "hot vapours" are created. Male and female essences can merge in the atmosphere of the Hot Vapours. In order to initiate the formation of Hot Vapours the young Yang must stir up Yin, much like an igniting spark. This does not always work out. On the physical level this disturbance can manifest in missing an ovulation. On an emotional level missing the love of life and the lack of verve is often experienced.


Third cycle phase (after the ovulation until menstruation) - The Swell: growing Yang 

In the second half of the cycle, after the ovulation, Yang is increasing continuously until menstruation. The body temperature is now higher than in the first half of the cycle. The presence of Yang manifests itself in a female body as strength and lust for physical activities. Thus, this is the perfect time for stepping outside, meeting challenges, resolving conflicts and seducing lovers. The body odor is changing and the abdomen gets hotter. If this energy remains unused it is accumulated in the interior. On an emotional level this can lead up to a tense mood, on a physical level intensive missfeelings can develop.


Fourth cycle phase (menstruation) - the Tide: extreme Yang turns into young Yin

On the apex of Yang evolvement the sea of blood is boiling over. The bleeding occurs. According to the older classic literature, this can only happen if the original vital energy in the kidneys has been developed completely, at the age of 14 through 49 years. This age limit varies, of course, and corresponds to a woman's innate strength and lifestyle. Since Yang cannot exist without Yin, the seed of young Yin is already present in this phase of extreme Yang. During menstruation the young Yin is yet very small and tender. This is the moment, when a woman is open and sensible for subtle perceptions. Intuitive abilities can fully develop, if admitted.

This openness, however, effects that negative influences have easy access to the female inner world, too. A woman can be emotionally affected by this. On a physical level moisture and, above all, coldness can enter the womb and induce disturbance and blockage. The cold is dreaded. Only rarely it clears out on its own. In most cases the coldness remains in the womb and induces painful menstrual bleeding. Coldness in the womb is also a common cause for infertility.

In this phase of sensitivity it is advised to renounce making love to a man and swimming in cold water. It is prudent to protect and take care of yourself well during your menstrual bleeding.




First aid for children
On Saturday, 15 June 2024, the practice TCM Frau und Kind once again offers a course on first aid for children. The course will be conducted by a professional from the Kinderspital Zurich. In a small group you will get to know the principal steps of first aid for children and will have the opportunity to practice your knowledge with exercises. see flyer


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