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Once I have determined the current energetic state of your child we mutually define a therapy schedule that should be as flexible as the Yang of your child. To me it is important that you as parents and experts of your children are involved in the treatments. My procedures and recommendations are family oriented and suitable for everyday life.

As mentioned above, often only minor interventions are required. It could be that a specific Tuina massage is sufficient for a successful therapy. Regular stimulation is essential. Guiding you as parents to be able to support your child at home is thus of high importance to me. In addition, I will stimulate respective acupuncture points using a laser. This laser acupuncture is entireley painless and highly efficient.

Here I would like to point out that the nutrition of children is of utter importance for their health. A change in alimentation can often effect a palliation of the symptoms. Should a change in alimentation be advised, we will discuss what option can leave food enjoyable.


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