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I feel very much attached to today's children. They are often very intelligent, creative and can effortlessly switch between different subjects. In their heart they are very tender and sensible beings and dream in their very own world. Sometimes these children need assistance in order to find their way in our world and the system of our society. On the one hand, this guidance is needed - as well as, on the other hand, a lot of freedom for developing their individuality. This can be very challenging for their parents and teachers.

By nature, children are more Yang. Hence, the power of growth, movement and fire is more powerful than the Yin. Yin, the power of storing, receiving and depth needs yet to develop and mature. The physiological "excess of Yang" is also manifested in childhood diseases. They mostly appear suddenly, proceed intensely, accompanied by high fever and subside quickly. The children's energy is still flexible and pure and, therefore, easily influenced. Minor interventions are often sufficient to re-direct the energy the proper way.

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